Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Speech

My speech is that I think that children shouldn't be allowed to be home schooled.

Firstly, I think that children would probably always want to do what they want and our parents would always have to get up early in the morning and teach us. The only thing children would do is play on computers laptops or devices. And also you probably wouldn't learn as much at school than at home. We also wouldn't have our teacher Mrs K! We would always be at home trying to stay awake all day because the night before we would probably be worrying about math tests and homework.

Secondly, as I said before that children should defiantly not be home schooled because we wouldn't learn as much at home than at school.... And also did you know that we wouldn't see our friends that much because we would always be at home. Plus did you know that our mums and dads would be tired of us all the time because of teaching us every day. The only other thing that would entertain us would be art,music,drama,and more....

Thirdly, If I did agree that children should be home schooled I would think that children would always do what they want, They probably wouldn't listen to there mums and dads and also that parents would always get tired of us being silly all the time.

My Conclusion
That is why I think that children should not be home schooled. Thank you for listening to
my speech.

I hope you liked my speech!