Sunday, 3 June 2012

Man vs Wild episode,CRAZY!

Today I was watching a man vs wild episode and there were two other guys that signed up to do a crazy chorus! And they had to get down from a snowy mountain and they also were going through trenches full of ice and snow! There was a dead animal stuck in between one big ice cube!!! After they all got down to the bottom of the hill they all had rabbit parts for dinner like the heart,lungs and something ales disgusting! It was weirder than all the other shows I've seen. I wonder who would be crazy enough do to all that stuff except him. Wow! He has a lot of courage and craziness.

Any way I cant wait until the next Man vs Wild show!


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  1. Anahera, I am soooooo excited to visit your blog. I can hardly believe how many posts you have added already! I am delighted to see the variety of posts and your wonderful questions. Well done. You are a wonderful blogger already!