Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Animal inquiry

All round the world!

Top ten Endangered animals!

1.Ivory billed woodpecker
2.Amur Lepard
3.Javen Rino
4.Greaterbamboo lemur
5.Northen right whale
6.Western lowland gorilla
7.Leather back sea turtle

9.Chinese giant salamander
10.kakapo parrot

All about the Siberian tiger!

Did you know that the siberian tiger is the largest big cat in the world
. It weighs up to 300 kg and 660 pounds! The Amur tiger lives in the
birch forests of Russias frigid and snowy far east and formerly inha-
bited the colder of china and korea.

DID YOU KNOW..... about endangered sharks.

Endangered sharks.

Five different types of species of sharks!
An angle shark
banded cat shark
blackspot shark
atlantic ghost cat shark
african angle shark

New zealand endangered animals!

The takahe

The takahe is endangered because.....

Takehe were one of the largest family when they were found in the southern oceanic islands.
Sadly enough takahe were hunted and killed but were rarely found in the 19th century. No
one ever saw them after the 1900s and people said it was extict but amazingly 200 pairs of
takahe were found in Fiordland in 1948. The north island takahe is now extinct?

Where in New nealand were takahe found?

The first takahe was found in Fiordland
in nationa, park. But the takahe are all
gone and extinct like the dinosaurs?

All about endangered NZ birds!

. Can we still visit the takahe in museums?

.If there were no hunters would the takahe
still be alive.

This was my questions!

Danger of the hector dolphins!

The hector dolphin was found in ackaroa and is
now being hunted by fishermen. They are also
being killed by fishermen because the hector
dolphins get stuck in there nets and in also the
plasic that people pollute in the water?