Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back to School

Well at last we children are all back at school and our parents are at work. And I bet in your holidays you guys saw ALOT of adds and advertisments in the weekends or during the weeks about school stationary and getting back to school. Well to be honest with you I wasn't really looking forward to getting back to school' sometimes you just know that feeling when you say to yourself [ 'I'm to Cool For School' ]. Sometimes when I don't want to go to school I pretend to be sick and that surely does the trick if mums in a good mood of cause but apart from that I'm all out of tricks. The point is that the good reason of moving up into different classes is when you feel like your the leader and the senior' but actually your the responsible one that has to act well umm.... responsible i guess. Anyway for at least one reason is that you get to meet heaps of different friends that is if your moving schools or collages. But if your staying at school for about another two years like me it doesn't really make a difference.

By Anahera   

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