Sunday, 14 October 2012

The holidays

Yesterday the 14th of October 2012 we just came back from our late flight from Fiji air pacific. We stayed in Musket cove in plantation island. The water was fresh clear and there were thousands of sand crabs and starfish! There was also a restaurant beside the pool and a beach front. We stayed in Viler 35 the same as last year. We stayed there for a week and came back to New Zealand. How we got there' First we drove from Mosgiel to Quennstown then we drove to Timaru to Christchurch.And then flew from Christchurch up to Fiji! It took four hours by plane to fly there. And took three and a half hours to fly back. We did lots of activity's there and fed stingrays and tropical fish. It was a great holiday! I wish we could of stayed longer.

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